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Jodi JinksJodi Jinks has spent her life working in the theatre. Most recently her passion for performance has lead her toward applied theatre practices and the development of ArtsAloud-OSU, an autobiographical, devised theatre program for marginalized populations. Currently she works at three Oklahoma prisons facilitating devised theatre methodologies that culminate in performance exchange with Oklahoma State University students and prisoners. In 2007 Jodi first launched ArtsAloud as an engagement project of the Rude Mechs Collaborative Theatre in 2007 and made devised work with incarcerated women and women in transition who lived in shelters and recovery centers. Jodi served as Co-Director of Grrl Action, a Rude Mechs outreach program for teen grrls, and as faculty for the recently established program called Off Center Teens. In addition to applied theatre practice facilitation, Jodi has been teaching various forms of Acting, Voice & Diction, and Devised Theatre in universities and colleges since 2001. Currently she serves as an Assistant Professor of Theatre at Oklahoma State and proudly holds the Mary Lou Lemon Endowed Professorship for Under-represented Voices.

Jodi’s first career was an as actor. She has been a company member of the Rude Mechs in Austin since 2005, and has been a member of Actor’s Equity Association for over 20 years. Highlights of her acting career include the Broadway production of Blood Brothers, the national tour of Titanic, and several productions with the Rude Mechs, particularly the re-creation of Richard Schechner’s Dionysus in ’69 at New York Live Arts. She can be seen in the film Nothing to Lose, the television show Mad TV, and on the internet in Project:Rant. Jodi can be heard as a voice in the video game D.C. Online Universe.

Ms. Jinks’ publishing credits include:

Downloadable PDFs here:  Resume  |   Curriculum Vitae

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An experienced, advocate, educator and theatre practitioner with diverse capabilities serving marginalized communities

  • Program Development
  • Advocacy of Transitional Groups
  • Programmatic Training
  • Challenge Assessment

  • Work with Marginalized Populations
  • Curriculum Development
  • Communication/ Organization/Implementation

  • Applied Theatre Practices
  • Devising Original Performance
  • Research—pedagogy, theatre history

  • Higher Education for 15 years
  • Equity Actor for 23 years with Broadway credits
  • Professional Writing

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“Professor Jinks is a highly accomplished, deeply compassionate, and ethical scholar, teacher and practitioner. Alongside her work with graduate and undergraduate students in academic settings, she has worked with women in shelters, incarcerated men and women, disadvantaged teenage girls (many from a group foster home and some with severe learning disabilities), Native Americans and Freedmen of Oklahoma.  I can attest to the outstanding quality of her process and the resulting performances.

Madge Darlington, M.F.A., Co-Producing Artistic Director, Rude Mechanicals Theatre Collective, Co-Director, Off Center Teens (formerly Grrl Action)

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“Deciding to further my education at Oklahoma State University was largely in part due to Jodi Jinks’ approaching me with her organization, Arts Aloud OSU. She explained the program would involve creating theatre with inmates in various prisons located in Oklahoma in an effort to give the men a voice. Being involved with ArtsAloud has been one of the best decisions I have ever made in my life. I have witnessed something truly amazing. I have seen theatre change people’s lives. I cannot thank Jodi enough.”

Grahm Mahanna, Oklahoma State University student and ArtsAloud participant

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Interested in more information on ArtsAloud or Jodi’s other projects?  Contact Jodi here.